Der Garage is the culmination of many years spent owning, driving and working on German Cars. As true enthusiasts, we completely understand that you just might love your car!  We are small, but we think big and truly care about the cars and owners we work with.  

About Our Founder Chris Brown


The Early Years

Chris began his love of performance cars with a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. His first rebuild was a stock 1500 taken to 1776 cc's with external oil cooler/filter, performance cams and exhaust.  This started a love affair with German cars that continues to this day. After a few Beetles, he moved to water cooled VW's including a supercharged '82 Scirocco project.


Porsche Progression

After attending Drexel University for engineering, it was time for Chris to join the "Porsche Club" which included owning both water cooled four cylinder 944's and air cooled 911's.  All were extensively modified and track driven including Porsche Club Racing. Full race car builds were done with winning results in 911's and 944 turbos.


Always Racing Forward

Learning never stops. As cars have changed, so have our projects. Support for modern computer controlled vehicles has been added to our resume with extensive projects on the 996 911 Turbo and Carrera, 987 Cayman S and 986 Boxster S. When not in the garage, Chris is a high performance driving instructor and racing coach.  The adventure continues!



Hard Core

Our efforts campaigning a Full Race 1974 911 RSR Clone in PCA Club Racing "Super Classes" taught us much about how to make the air cooled platform fly.  "Racing Improves The Breed" is an adage that applies to racing drivers and car builders as well as the vehicles.


Open Wheels

Experience with SCCA Formula Continental emphasized getting "every last bit" from the car setup and driver.  Race wins and Rookie of the Year were won.  Attention to detail is paramount in Formula Cars, and we take that spirit to heart in everything we do.


Stock Cars

Running in a PCA Racing "Stock Class" with an '86 944 Turbo against the dominant 84-88 911 Carrera gave us a chance to go against the grain and show that car preparation can even the scales in the stock class world. Many a 911 was surprised by our efforts as we reached the podium often.