Vehicle care begins with basic maintenance. Trust us with your fluid changes, tune ups and preventive replacements like IMS, water pumps and belts.



Want more from your car?  We can get it for you.  From exhaust systems on up, let us add real horsepower, braking and handling for a balanced vehicle that is more capable than stock.



Making your car "your own?" We can help, from special interior treatments, lighting and even custom engine cosmetics.  Let us turn your imagination into reality.

Track Day & Safety


Fancy a day at the track?  Can't blame you, it's tremendous fun. Let us inspect and prepare your car for a worry free time learning to drive fast in a distraction free environment.  Safety equipment provided and installed.  On track support and car transport available.



From "mild to wild" we provide maintenance and custom engine work for your daily driver or track weapon. Tuning, troubleshooting and repair. Full rebuilds with performance options including displacement increases, individual throttle bodies with electronic fuel injection and more.

Suspension & Brakes


A balanced car always stops and corners as well as it "goes."  All levels of suspension work are supported including anti-sway bars, shocks, springs, struts and control arms. All supported with full alignments and corner balancing.  Brake services go from basic fluid flush all the way to six piston calipers with track duty rotors.

Pre/Post Purchase Inspection


Evaluate a Vehicle for Purchase

Purchasing a special car is a big decision. Be informed!  We provide several levels of inspection for any potential purchase.  A full report is prepared with all findings, as well as a debrief with the inspector, who will be an expert in that car make and model. We can inspect vehicles up to Level 2 in any location worldwide.  Level 3 requires a garage with lift be available.

Evaluate a vehicle you own

Sometimes you make an emotional purchase (we've all been there) and end up with a car you don't know much about.  Let us help clear up the knowledge gap with a comprehensive inspection, including recommendations for immediate or near term service if needed.  This is also a great time to discuss potential upgrades and longer term preventive maintenance actions. Some items can be addressed immediately during the inspection process. 

Level 1 "Aluminum"

Exterior condition, including panel fit and paint condition and thickness evaluation. Interior condition including function of all accessories and carpet out (911) floor inspection.  Trunk & Frunk inspection. Battery review including body corrosion. Test drive for dynamic behaviors. Model specific weak points reviewed. Engine operation, leaks and exterior condition noted.  Full computer readout of trouble codes, Camshaft Timing Deviation (996/986) and engine hours and overrev information (when available).

Level 2 "Magnesium"

All of Level 1 plus wheel off evaluation of braking system and suspension components. Minor underbody inspection for damage, leaks, rust (!) or wear.

Level 3 "Titanium"

All of Level 1&2 plus full underbody inspection on lift. Engine Compression test and Spark Plug review. Optional services can be performed.

Optional Inspection Services

  • Engine Leakdown test.  May require lift be available.
  • 996/986/997 IMS and Variocam Wear inspection with oil filter review and sump plate removal. Requires Oil Service.